COVID-19 Bulletin (06/03/20)

A new record for daily case numbers and deaths in Dallas County. Residents risking spreading the disease to protest.

Dallas County reported 257 new COVID-19 cases and 16 deaths related to the disease, the most for either category since the virus arrived in Dallas, The Dallas Morning News reports. The deaths range from individuals in their 40s to 90s. The previous record was 253 cases and 14 deaths.

For many of the protestors in Dallas, the fears of contracting COVID-19 during a protest was outweighed by the desire to protest the treatment of black Americans by law enforcement, with most crowds not observing social distancing, despite warnings from officials. Learn more from KERA.

The state’s top health official, Acting Health and Human Services Executive Commissioner Phil Wilson, has been continuing to work and get paid by his second job, heading up the Lower Colorado River Authority, a quasi-state agency that is funded by the electricity it generates. The Texas Tribune has more.

Even though one third of Texans speak a language other than English as their first language, most of the communication about the pandemic has been in English, leaving large communities of Texans in the dark about what the current rules are. Read on from KERA.


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