COVID-19 Bulletin (06/02/20)

Dallas adds 228 new cases while hospitalizations, ICU admissions, and ER visits are holding steady.

Dallas County reported 228 new cases of coronavirus on Monday. but no additional deaths, continuing the trend of higher case numbers over the past week. Dallas County Judge Clay Jenkins said that  hospitalizations, ER visits, and intensive care unit admissions have remained steady, The Dallas Morning News reports.

As the Texas economy reopens, much of the provisions and support that were in place have evaporated, with evictions and rent collections starting again, childcare subsidies ending, and unemployed people will now have to prove they are searching for a job. The Texas Tribune has more.

Because of the economic shutdown in April, Texas reported the largest drop in year-to-year state sales tax revenue since 2010 between May 2019 and May 2020. Learn more from KERA.

The DMN editorial board digs into how federal aid was distributed amongst North Texas municipalities, questioning whether each area received its fair share based on need. Large counties in Texas complained to Governor Abbott because a group that represents $68.9 percent of the population only received 28.6 percent of the aid.


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