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Bush Center Recognizes UNT Health Science Center’s Economic Impact

The institution was the top ranked school for turning innovative research into patents, licenses, and start-ups.
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The University of North Texas Health Science Center at Fort Worth’s work in innovation was named the most economically impactful U.S. medical school by the George W. Bush Institute and Opus Faveo Innovation Development.

In a report that details the findings, HSC was the top tanked medical school for innovation impact productivity, which measures how well research funding is turned into patents, licenses, start-ups, papers, and graduates. The institution is working on the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease, cancer and retinal blindness.

“Now more than ever innovation and entrepreneurship are vital skillsets for future health care providers to thrive in this changing health care environment,” said HSC President Dr. Michael Williams via release. “The recognition is a testament to the innovative mindset we are cultivating at HSC and our investment in an entrepreneurship ecosystem that moves new research discoveries from lab bench to bedside.”

HSC has developed technology that can screen and detect potential Alzheimer’s Disease or cognitive decline in elderly patients that has been licensed to Cx Precision Medicine Inc in Fort Worth for development and commercialization. Other developments include a cancer drug that targets cancerous cells without harming healthy ones, and a treatment to restore vision through the engineering of a patient’s own skin cells.

“Our research demonstrates that innovation impact productivity is not necessarily tied to the biggest or best-known schools,” said Christian Blackwell, study co-author and Managing Director of Opus Faveo Venture Development via release. “By focusing on productivity, even smaller universities can have a large impact.  Moreover, institutions of all sizes could achieve very significant increases in impact by moving towards the productivity levels of high-performing peers.”

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