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Blue Cross Launches New Platform with Epic

New technology looks to improve exchange of data between patients, providers, and payers.
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Richardson-based Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Texas is launching a new platform through the electronic health record company Epic, allowing BCBSTX, patients, and providers who use Epic to exchange information securely and easily. 

When it launches later this year, the Payer Platform will allow the insurer and providers to review patient data, streamline administrative processes like prior authorization and paying claims, and facilitate care management strategy and find gaps in care.

Insurance companies have massive troves of data about patient and physician interaction, and more transparency between the entity performing the care and the one administering the payment will in theory lead to more efficient and less costly care. Another set of eyes on patient data can review referral patterns, avoid future hospitalization, and fill other gaps in care that harm patients and drive up costs for payers and patients.

“Sharing insights with providers at the point of care can be a great way to make a real difference in patient care and lower health costs,” said Dr. Dan McCoy, President of BCBSTX via release. “This platform will help advance access to a truly integrated value-based care delivery system, while giving hospitals, physicians and members actionable information to make more informed care decisions.”

Epic is used by more than two thirds of providers and patients across the country, and more than 250 million individuals worldwide are on the platform.

“This relationship connects the provider, the payer, and the patient in a trusted network,” said Alan Hutchison, Vice President of Population Health at Epic. “It will enable a more robust, data-driven approach to improving patient health. It will also streamline administrative processes such as the authorization process for providers, so patients can receive more timely access to appropriate care.”


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