COVID-19 Bulletin (05/28/20)

Dallas and Tarrant counties report 19 deaths, and one was in his 30s with no health problems.

Dallas County reported 8 deaths and Tarrant a record 11 deaths on Wednesday. Tarrant County reported 155 new cases and Dallas 197, a slight uptick from the last week or so. Most of those who died were elderly, but Dallas County data says one was a man in his 30s with no underlying health conditions, The Dallas Morning News reports.

Governor Abbott says things are improving in Amarillo after a significant outbreak occurred there in a meat packing plant. The area is still home to the highest infection rate in the state, but new cases have been drastically reduced, Texas Tribune reports.

Minority neighborhoods across Texas have fewer COVID-19 testing sites, KERA reports. In Dallas 22 of the 29 testing sites are in areas that are whiter than the city median.

The Dallas Entrepreneur Center Network is offering up to $25,000 to primarily minority- and women-owned small businesses and entrepreneurs to help relieve trouble brought about by COVID-19. Learn more from DMN.



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