COVID-19 Bulletin (05/21/20)

Dallas County hospitals to report bed capacity, and new COVID-19 cases in Dallas dip below 200.

Dallas County reported just 186 new cases and five deaths on Wednesday, which Dallas Judge Clay Jenkins called a “healthy decline.” Read more with NBCDFW.

Dallas County will start publishing more information about hospital bed capacity and admissions in addition to new cases and deaths as they have been until recently. Judge Clay Jenkins and Dallas County Health Director Dr. Phillip Huang sat down with DMN to explain the moves.

When one nursing home did mandatory testing for all its residents, it found that one third of them were asymptomatic and unknowingly spreading the disease amongst the 922 residents and staff, WFAA reports.

In Fort Worth, four children are reported to have multisystem inflammatory syndrome, which includes fever, stomach pain and rashes, conjunctivitis and swelling, and can cause multi-system dysfunction. It may be related to COVID-19, Cook Children’s hospital reported to DMN.


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