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COVID-19 Bulletin (04/02/20)

About 30 percent of positive results require hospitalization as Dallas County sets another daily case record.

Dallas County has reported a record number of cases on Wednesday, at 100. Tuesday total of 82 was the previous high. Read more from The Dallas Morning News.

Dallas hospitals have reported their bed, ICU, and ventilator capacity, revealing that about 30 percent of COVID-19 cases have required hospitalization as of Tuesday. Learn more from NBCDFW.

Dallas County public officials say that it is prepared for a potential increase in patients, despite a 200 percent increase in nursing requests for the region, DMN reports.

Health leaders are pleading with Dallas to stay out of public places and maintain a social distance, but the region seems to be failing. Read the report from WFAA.

A Texas supplier of masks is selling the products for six times the price they normally sell them for, according to this Texas Tribune report.




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