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Texas Supreme Court Throws Out Ebola Claim Against Texas Health Resources

The ruling agreed with a lower court that the bridal shop didn't have expert testimony to prove their case.

The Texas Supreme Court threw out a case against Texas Health Resources brought by an Ohio bridal dress shop, according to the Texas Lawbook.

When Dallas resident Eric Duncan contracted Ebola, nurse Amber Vinson had contracted the virus visited the bridal shop before she discovered she was infected. When she found out she had Ebola, officials retraced her travels to see where it might have spread.

Vinson visited Coming Attractions Bridal and Formal in Akron, Ohio, which had to close briefly while it was cleaned to sterilize it from the virus. But even after it reopened in Nov. 2014, the suit said that fears about a contaminated store put the store out of business.

The shop sued Texas Health Resources, the owner of the Dallas Presbyterian Hospital, where Vinson worked, saying that their shop closed because the hospital did not respond adequately to the viral outbreak. The decision agreed with a lower court ruling that said the bridal shop couldn’t prove their claims with the expert testimony required by the law, the Lawbook reports.

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