(Photo by Jason Janik)


COVID-19 Bulletin (04/01/20)

Governor Abbott orders Texas to stay at home, Dallas adds largest daily number of COVID-19 cases, and more.

Governor Abbott has issued an executive order telling Texas to stay at home for the month of April, scaling up Texas’ lagging efforts to combat the spread of COVID-19. Read more from the Texas Tribune.

Dallas County has reported its largest single day total for new coronavirus cases at 82, reports The Dallas Morning News. The total number of cases is at 631 for the county with 13 deaths.

A patient in critical condition and on a ventilator with COVID-19 has received plasma from another person who previously had the virus, which is a new effort to fight the disease. Learn more from WFAA.

A federal judge has stopped the City of Dallas from enforcing its paid sick leave policy, which requires private employers to offer paid sick leave. Read on from DMN.

Engineers at Rice University are working on a $300 3D printed automated ventilator in an effort to help a potential increase in critical patients. Read more from Texas Monthly.


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