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Axxess Expands Home Health Services to California, Michigan, and Ohio

The software will allow organizations and providers to schedule appointments for nurses and physical therapists.
By Audrey Dedrick |

Dallas-based home health technology company Axxess has expanded its scheduling and staffing solution to home health providers in California, Michigan, and Ohio.

Called Axxess CARE, it has already been implemented in Texas, Illinois, Massachusetts, and Florida to organize over 15,000 patient visits. The importance of social distancing and increased hurdles accessing hospitals due to COVID-19 will make home health all the more important. Ohio was one of the first states to close restaurants and bars over the weekend.

Axxess CARE integrates with the HIPAA-compliant Axxess Home Health platform for use by organizations seeking qualified nurses and physical therapists. Using this software, home health organizations can post appointments that are in need of qualified clinicians. Clinicians can use the Axxess CARE mobile app—available on both iOS and Android—to apply for visits once their background checks and license verifications have been completed. Home health organizations are able to view clinicians’ qualifications and select the one most qualified for the posted visit.

The app also allows clinicians to complete all visit documentation at the point of care—the patient’s home—with integrated patient assessment and documentation that clinicians can access at any time. Once visits are completed, clinicians can use the advanced electronic visit verification feature, so that organizations can process payments, review documentation, and evaluate performance.

“Excitement about Axxess CARE continues to build, and we’re pleased to be able to now help organizations in California, Michigan and Ohio overcome staffing challenges,” said Axxess founder and CEO John Olajide via release. “Through Axxess CARE, home health providers can schedule their own staff, and when needed, extend their staffing capacity and grow their business through access to qualified clinicians to meet patient needs. At the same time, clinicians enjoy a more convenient way to work.”

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