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Centre for Neuro Skills Opens 40k Square-Foot Rehabilitation Facility in Irving

The new clinic will support the residential facility already in Irving.
By Audrey Dedrick |

The Centre for Neuro Skills has opened a new clinic in Irving specifically for treating patients with traumatic and acquired brain injuries. This new location is the clinic’s fourth location in the Dallas area. The 40,000 square-foot facility is Centre for Neuro Skill’s largest facility yet, and is a response to the company’s sustained growth in the Dallas area. It will accompany CNS’s 62-bed Irving residential clinic.

Patients will be able to receive continued specialized rehabilitative treatment at the center. When a patient who has suffered a brain injury is released from the hospital, they are often still in need of rehabilitative care but cannot receive it at the hospital due to length of care and benefit restrictions. Being able to access these services can help prevent hospital readmission and further injury for those with moderate to severe brain injuries.

Without seeking rehabilitative care, the lifetime costs associated with dealing with a traumatic brain injury can approach $10 million. The new clinic hopes to cut down these costs for patients in the DFW area by being able to provide the rehabilitation that hospitals are often restricted from providing to patients. Additionally, the costs associated with running a clinic of this sort are less than those required to provide services at a hospital.

Traumatic brain injuries, such as injuries suffered in car accidents, sports injuries, and falls, involve trauma to the brain, and can vary from mild concussions to severe brain damage. Acquired brain injuries are non-traumatic injuries that include things like strokes, aneurisms, and seizures. To put the demand for treatment of these injuries in perspective, TBI’s are diagnosed three to four times more often than cancer each year. According to the Texas Brain Injury Alliance, about 144,000 Texans sustain a TBI each year.

“We have a facility here in Dallas, we have another in Fort Worth, we have another in Houston,” said CNS’s founder and CEO Dr. Mark Ashley of the company’s growth in DFW and Texas. “And we’ve found the business community to be very welcoming, to be very good to interact with and work with.”

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