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Medical City Frisco Launches Radiation-Free Imaging System

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Medical City Frisco is working to replace intraoperative radiation devices by using a radiation-free tool to aid spine and cranial procedures. The device will allow surgeon to safely place spinal implants or remove cranial tumors while improving patient safety.

The system is called the Machine-Vision Image Guided Surgery platform, which uses camera technology to identify anatomy and guide tools during procedures. The technology uses only visible light and not radiation to create the image, and is similar to what is used in self-driving vehicles.

“Medical City Frisco has always been proactive in ensuring that we have the right tools to protect our patients and enhance patient care, which is why we invested in this new surgical system,” said Carlton Ulmer, CEO of Medical City Frisco via release. “This system is important to us and underscores our commitment to patient care and the communities we serve.”