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Medical City Fort Worth Reduces Radiation Exposure in Heart Patients

By Amanda Salerno |

Medical City Fort Worth is implementing a new device to reduce radiation exposure for heart arrhythmia patients. With this device, X-ray imaging won’t be the only method available for physicians to visualize and treat heart arrhythmias.

Medical City Fort Worth is the only hospital utilizing this new technology in Fort Worth. It provides surgeons with a 3D image to clearly see the heart’s anatomy without solely relying on X-ray radiation. The device also helps electrophysiologists position the catheter used to treat abnormal electric signals in the heart.

The innovation is part of Medical City Healthcare’s Radiation Right program, which is meant to reduce the use of harmful radiation on patients.

“This new tool solves a key piece in the puzzle of radiation reduction during ablation procedures without a decrease in the quality of procedure. Reducing exposure to radiation is an added benefit that connects directly to our mission to care for and improve human life.” said Senthil Thambidorai, MD, an electrophysiologist at Medical City Fort Worth via release.