Mary Kay Foundation to Fund Cancer Fellowship at UT Southwestern

The Mary Kay Foundation will be granting $500,000 to fund a fellowship at UT-Southwestern that will fund five international postdoctoral researchers, giving them the opportunity to study cancer.

“Mary Kay Ash, our founder, saw firsthand the impact that cancer had on our independent beauty consultants, their families, and women around the world,” said Ryan Rogers, board member of The Mary Kay Foundation and grandson of Mary Kay Ash via release. “It became a mission for her to eradicate cancers affecting women. Our expanded partnership with UT Southwestern will allow us to continue that lifesaving work on a global scale.”

The fellowship continues the foundation’s relationship with UT Southwestern, which includes The Mary Kay Foundation Distinguished Professorship, currently held by Dr. Jerry Shay, cell biology professor at UT Southwestern. Shay will be the principal investigator with the new international fellows.

“Expanding the program internationally will allow us to focus on cancers that affect women the most,” said Dr. Shay via release. “We plan to identify a group of dedicated postdoctoral candidates from around the globe, invite them to Dallas, and equip them with all the tools and resources they need to continue their groundbreaking research in our outstanding cancer lab. Their work could have a tremendous impact on how we understand and treat cancers around the world.”


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