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Eosera Doubles Its Footprint in Fort Worth


Eosera, Inc., the biotech company that specializes in product ear-treatment will expand to a larger facility in Fort Worth by the end of this month. Eosera’s founder and CEO, Elyse Dickerson hopes the larger space will benefit the company’s increasing consumer demand for their ear-care products.

The expansion doubles the size of the company’s warehouse and manufacturing space, where all manufacturing of Eosera’s products are done. The growth arrives with the addition of two new products. The main driver is expansion of retail distribution and expansion of our product line. So because of both of those, we’ve had to increase our production of products and our inventory,” Eosera’s CEO Elyse Dickerson says.

Ear Clean MD and Ear Itch MD Nighttime will enter the market this fall, to clean and treat itch respectively. Through consumer market research conducted by the team at Eosera, they found that consumers wanted a product that would work with their daily or weekly hygiene routines. “We look at different segments of consumers by age and gender,” Dickerson says. “Then we asked them a series of questions about what needs they had and presented product concepts to them. Ones that scored very high are ones that we focused on bringing to market.”

The development of Ear Clean MD was the result of this research. “We clean our face, our teeth, our nails, but we don’t really think about cleaning our ears.” says Dickerson. The team at Eosera also observed that itchy ears was often caused by the constant entry of earbuds into the ear canal. This has recently become a problem and Eosera’s Ear Itch MD Nighttime will be the first ever ear-care product specifically designed for itchy ears.

We entered the ear care category first because we looked around and saw that no other manufacturer was focused on providing innovative solutions for ear problems, so we felt like we could fill that void,” Dickerson says.