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Accountable Care Organizations

Direct Primary Care Now Offered Through Baylor Scott and White ACO

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Baylor Scott and White Health is joining the direct primary care movement with a new model in several North Texas clinics this year. The model will allow employers to customize the provider network and make a regular contribution to membership fees, making pricing transparent to control costs and avoid hospitalizations.

As in other DPC relationships, members are charged a monthly fee that covers office visits and lab tests. Insurance is still needed for hospitalizations and other services, but because primary care needs are taken care of, patients might be more likely to choose high deductible plans with low premiums.

The new model is powered by Accresa, a Dallas healthcare technology company that works with direct primary care practices to connect patients, employers, employees and providers and provides administrative support. The new model, which is being offered through Baylor’s Accountable Care Organization, offers online scheduling and virtual physician visits as well.

The program is expected to expand to more clinics in 2020.