Check Out the Next Cohort of Health Wildcatters Innovators

Healthcare accelerator Health Wildcatters announced eight new start-ups for its fall cohort, including companies that make reusable modular catheters and a product that address the social-emotional health for kids.

“We have an interesting variety of startups in this year’s cohort,” said Health Wildcatters CEO, Dr. Hubert Zajicek, via release. “In previous years we’ve seen trends where more medical devices or health IT would participate. This year we have diagnostics, medical devices, telehealth and digital health companies participating, and the founders are extremely diverse in age and background as well.”

Health Wildcatters has raised $70 million over the last six years for more than 60 companies that have been through the accelerator program. See below for a rundown of the newest additions to their portfolio.

CathBuddy- a reusable, modular closed-catheter system to replace single-use catheters, improving costs and environmental impact.

Halo Health-a platform to provide remote patient monitoring, engagement, and workflow automation for clinical trials, reducing cost and accelerating the drug development process.

Healthy Quit- a pharmacy and a digital health company that uses artificial intelligence and medication to provide smoking and vaping cessation.

LocuMatch– manages locum physician services for hospital networks, combating physician shortages in rural areas.

One Seventeen Media- a mental health and analytics platform that provides social emotional health for kids, helping them process their emotions through chatbot assistants at home or school.

Noleus Technologies- a device that accelerates patient recovery after abdominal surgery, decreasing length of stay for patients.

Perinatal Access- a telemedicine platform to connect remote patients and their unborn babies to specialty physicians.

Vitrix Health- a clinical decision support system that helps physicians identify diseases quickly and an electronic health record to prioritize patient risk factors and communicate with specialists.


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