Catalyst Health Network’s New Chief Medical Officer

Bullard Catalyst
Courtesy of: Catalyst Health Network

Dr. Jeffrey Bullard will be the Chief Medical Officer for the Catalyst Health Network, a nonprofit network of physicians who coordinate care and share data and best practices.

Bullard focuses on integrative medicine, behavioral health, and family medicine, and advocates for enhancing primary care through technology. He designed MaxHealth Family, Internal and Sports Medicine in Colleyville, which addresses everything from nutrition and mental health to sports medicine and chronic disease. He also founded Acuity Brain Center, which addresses mental and brain health needs with technology.

“I’ve spent my life working to enrich the lives of patients and the primary care physicians who care for them — it’s an honor to be part of an organization that’s striving to help entire communities thrive,” Dr. Bullard said via release. “Catalyst has become a compelling example of how health care needs to work and function to be sustainable in the 21st century. I truly believe that the innovations we create here will become models for the rest of the country.”

“Catalyst is focused on maximizing the value of the relationship between physicians and patients, and no one more exemplifies the critical importance and value of this relationship than Dr. Bullard,” said Dr. Christopher Crow, Catalyst Health Network president via release. “From the first days of his career, he has sought to break the model of long waits in waiting rooms and hurried, impersonal doctor’s appointments. We’re thrilled to incorporate the innovations he’s made — and the innovations that are coming — throughout the Catalyst network.”


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