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Texas Doctor and Steward Hospital in Battle Over Rent, Hospital Records

A Radiation Oncologist in Port Arthur, Texas says he is locked out of his office and unable to access his patient records after the cancer center closed without notice in a Steward Health Care owned hospital, KBMT news reports. But Dallas-based Steward says the physician is involved in an ongoing lawsuit for non-payment of rent and that his claims are false.

Dr. Tripp Chaudhury says the facility closed after a dispute over repairs following Hurricane Harvey, and that he cannot access patient records in his private cancer practice. “At this time we don’t have any medical records, they’re all locked in we can’t get in. We’re told that the hospital cannot open the cancer center,” Chaudhury told KBMT.

A spokesperson for the hospital said to KBMT, “This doctor was a tenant in a building owned by Steward Health Care, and is also party to an ongoing lawsuit for non-payment of rent. Any allegation by Dr. Chaudhury or his three patients that Steward Health Care closed a cancer center without notice is absolutely false.”

One of Dr. Chaudhry’s patients told KBMT he has been unable to get treatment without access to his medical records and is paralyzed from the waste down, but a Steward spokeperson responded, “For anyone to use medical patients as PR props in hopes of gaining leverage in a separate lawsuit is reprehensible.”

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