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Join Us for D CEO’s Value-Based Care Healthcare Breakfast Panel

In many of today’s medical practices, patients and their insurers pay for the procedures and time spent treating their illness, regardless of the outcome. Whether or not the patient needed that blood test, brain scan, or knee scope, they are paying for it directly or indirectly. While it would be bad business to intentionally stack up unnecessary charges, even the most well-meaning providers are incentivized to provide more medical treatment than is actually necessary because of the fee-for-service model of healthcare.

But with skyrocketing health costs adding pressure to the employers and taxpayers who pay for healthcare, new systems have emerged to change the incentives providers have when treating patients, leading to lower health costs without sacrificing quality. Value-based care is meant to hold health systems and providers accountable for the care they provide, paying for episodes of bundles of care and allowing the providers to find the most efficient way to treat a condition while maintaining top notch care and eliminating unnecessary costs. The new models, propelled by pressure from the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services, are making health systems take a critical look at their model, reducing waste and redundancy and bringing health care costs under control for everyone.

At D CEO‘s Value-Based Care Healthcare Breakfast Panel, we are hosting experts from the physician, accountable care organization, insurer and employer worlds to discuss the growth and development of value-based care in North Texas. We will look at how pervasive the new model is, its impact, and better understand the different models of care and how they will shape the future of healthcare in the region. Learn more about our panelists and the event below.


  • Dr. Jamison Albracht, President and Cofounder, Village Health Partners
  • Doug Riley, Benefits Director, JC Penney
  • Alan Scoggins, President, Healthcare Highways
  • Dr. Andrew Ziskind, Senior Executive Officer, Southwestern Health Resources

Moderator: Will Maddox, Healthcare Editor, D CEO

What: Networking breakfast and panel discussion

When: 7-9 a.m.

Where: D Magazine Offices, 750 N. St Paul St. Suite 2100, Dallas, TX, 75201

To register for the breakfast, check out the event page here.


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