Senderra Rx is More Than a Pharmacy

Win Purifoy (Photo by: David Halloran)

The world of specialty pharmacy can be a tangled mess of prior authorization, medication adherence, and high cost medicines for patients who are often severely impacted if all the right medicine doesn’t arrive on time. Here in Dallas, Senderra Rx works to provide so much more to patients than their medicines. They created an online platform to follow patients, track their progress, keep them out of the hospital, and provide support for the patients taking the medicine and the physicians who describe them.

Senderra Chairman Win Purifoy entered into the specialty pharmacy business less than a decade ago, but has already built the company into a $700 million business that works with about 8,000 physicians every month, mostly distributing essential medicine for autoimmune diseases. Learn more about the specialty pharmacy business and the growth of Senderra in this D CEO story.



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