Learn About Parkland’s Center for Nursing Excellence

Parkland launched its Center for Nursing Excellence in an attempt to recruit, train, and retain qualified nurses in a competitive healthcare environment. Currently, the hospital system employs over 4,000 nurses, and hopes that the center will provide a central location for nurses can receive coaching, leadership training, information about mentorship programs and certification, and more.

“The Center’s mission is to provide our nurses with a wide range of opportunities and services to advance their education, professional development, skills and knowledge in research and integration of evidence based practice,” said Karen Watts, Executive Vice President and Chief Nursing Officer said via release. “Developing current and future nurses is essential for the continuation of positive patient outcomes and retention of skilled staff.”

The center hopes to contribute to the hospital’s ability to achieve Magnet status, an award given by American Nurses Credentialing Center that measures nurse strength and quality. Parkland is home to 45 of D Magazine’s Excellence in Nursing Awards, which highlight the work of those on the front lines of healthcare.

“When we have these programs, nurses are happy and we’re more likely to retain them or more likely to be able to recruit good nurses,” said Jakki Opollo, Director of Professional Practice & Nursing Research, via release. “When you give meaningful recognition to nurses for asking questions and improving their practice, they feel autonomous, empowered, and they feel their voices are heard.”

The Parkland Center for Nursing Excellence is on the second floor of Parkland Memorial Hospital and is open from 8 a.m. – 5 p.m. Monday through Friday.


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