See What’s Next in Healthcare Innovation at Health Wildcatters Pitch Day This Week

The North Texas healthcare innovation marketplace is a growing one, and Health Wildcatters is helping lead the charge. The healthcare accelerator was recently ranked as one of Seed Accelerator’s top companies for the third year in a row. Health Wildcatters pitch day for their fall cohort will take place this Thursday at the Majestic Theater.

The pitch day costs $10 and will include pitches from six up-and-coming innovators and keynote address by Dr. David Albert, the founder and chief medical officer at AliveCor, a medical device and artificial intelligence company whose devices measures the electrical activity of the heart via mobile devices.

To register for the event, click here.

To learn a little about each of the healthcare innovators, read on.


ClikRx has developed a web-based platform that automates and streamlines the writing of durable medical equipment (DME) prescriptions, reducing a process that routinely take anywhere from a week to a couple of months down to just a few minutes. We are able to do this by eliminating paper forms and the fax machine from the equation and bridging the communications gap experienced between a doctor and a DME supplier. As we shift these outdated manual processes to a more modern digital process, we are able to reduce the clerical errors for DME suppliers and reduce denied claims, save doctors time when writing prescriptions, and most importantly ensure that patients get the equipment they need in a timely manner.

Halo Mountain

Halo Mountain is developing a treatment that can lengthen lifespan and improve quality of life for the 44 million people afflicted with Alzheimer’s disease (AD). Current medications have limited efficacy but people with Alzheimer’s disease continue to use them because there are few alternatives and no cure. Halo Mountain is in preclinical trials, developing a drug that has the potential to stop the progression of Alzheimer’s disease. Based on the known biology and safety profile of formula, this therapy is expected to be safe and to stop cognitive decline in Alzheimer’s disease patients.


MycoDART, Inc is the developer of MycoDART-PCR, a proprietary and patented method of detecting the DNA of fungal organisms in human blood. Providing an early and rapid diagnosis of invasive fungal infections in immune-compromised patients, MycoDART seeks to reduce mortality and the high cost of treatment by allowing doctors to prescribe the right drugs, sooner.  MycoDART’s new and novel twist on DNA testing adds a dual amplification process, which makes the test up to 30% more accurate than traditional DNA testing and nearly twice as accurate as a blood culture, the current gold standard.

“Sentiv is a platform for Fitlanthropy (fitness + philanthropy) that lets non-profits create exciting and engaging VIRTUAL fitness fundraising events. Fast setup, low cost, wearable integration and CauseFit Fundraising make Sentiv a no-brainer for non-profits of any size! ” offers an end-to-end fertility management platform: a line of modern direct-to-consumer home fertility solutions, featured on fertility planner software. Leveraging science and data, we personalize care, reduce stress and costs, and engage our customers from inception to conception. Last November, we launched our first solution in the male infertility space: At-Home Sperm Diagnosis and Banking. Our customers can now order our home kit online and ship their samples for testing and/or banking at our facility in NJ. This alters the awkward, time consuming and expensive experience in sperm bank or a clinic. At, we enrich the lives of men and women by transforming fertility care into a comfortable, affordable and data-driven journey.

Stingray Therapeutics

Stingray Therapeutics is a cancer company with products to take the revolution of using the immune system to fight cancer to a much stronger level.  Today, we are treating cancer patients with checkpoint inhibitors which block immune suppressive molecules cancer create to block one arm of the immune system – adaptive immunity.  But cancers also create immune suppressive molecules to block the other arm of immunity – innate immunity.  Stingray is developing a molecule which works in innate immunity to help checkpoint inhibitors.  Having both arms of our immune systems work together to fight cancer may give life to many more patients.


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