Planned Parenthood’s New App Can Help Women Order Birth Control Without an Appointment

Planned Parenthood of Greater Texas launched their app PP Direct, which can help women obtain birth control, last week. The new technology allows individuals to gain access to birth control and auto-refills for up to a year without an appointment.

The app, which is available for iPhone and Android, also helps navigate the different types of birth control and matches it with each person, outlining the benefits and risks of each method. The app can help women plan a health center appointment or pay for the medicine.

The app is free and is only available for individuals 18 or older who have a Texas driver’s license, official Texas ID or passport. When patients select their preferred birth control, they upload the information, which is reviewed by a Planned Parenthood medical provider. If eligible, the provider signs off on the prescription, which is delivered by mail of to a pharmacy. Pills delivered to a pharmacy can be covered by insurance, though direct delivery cannot.

“Through telemedicine, Planned Parenthood is minimizing barriers such as time and transportation for Texans seeking birth control pills. Especially for Texans who don’t live or work near a Planned Parenthood health center, Planned Parenthood Direct connects Texans seeking birth control with the high-quality care they would receive during a visit at a Planned Parenthood health center,” says Ken Lambrecht, CEO of Planned Parenthood of Greater Texas, via release. 

Planned Parenthood is no stranger to using apps to provide information for users. It’s menstrual cycle tracking application, Spot On, allows users to ask sex or reproductive questions, and track the cycle. Its use can guide women to contact medical professionals if there is a suspicion of a medical issue based on the tracking. Apps like these have been used to help identify endometriosis and even certain types of cancer.


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