Is the Healthcare Industry Ready for the Digital Transformation?

In Nintex’s State of Intelligent Process Automation Study, the company looked at various industries ability to handle and take advantage of the oncoming digital transformation and automation, and the healthcare industry is not particularly confident that it’s IT departments can handle the transition.

Nintex works in workflow automation and intelligent process automation, and they conducted a “survey of 450 U.S. decision makers directly involved in their organizations’ digital transformation strategies and a survey of 650 U.S. line of business employees,” according to the report.

When Nintex asked healthcare companies if their IT departments were extremely prepared to handle the technology needs of digital transitions, only 36 percent of respondents said yes.

Healthcare professionals also responded that customer experience and productivity gains were the top reasons for investing in digital transformation.

In the healthcare industry, technology is transforming operations, patient experience, and even growing human organs. Patients can communicate with their doctor, schedule an appointment, and view medical records on phone apps. Robots aid surgery, and 3-D printers can produce human organs.

The Harvard Business Review discussed the impacts of telehealth technology, and found that 97% of patients enjoyed their first experience, while 74% of patients felt that their relationship with the provider was improved via telehealth.

Many of the conclusions from the study make sense: Larger companies and companies with higher revenues are more well-suited for the digital transformation and that IT and customer service are where companies are investing in process automation.

The study notes that the most common reasons for lack of digital transformation success are lack of executive buy in, sufficient in-house talent, and transformation specific leadership. Communication about what the digital transformation entails and who is leading the charge is key to the success of corporations successfully making the transition, the study concludes.


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