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Baylor Scott and White Quality Alliance Chief Medical Officer is a 2018 Up and Comer

Tiffany Berry was awarded for her work in controlling medical costs at Baylor (Courtesy of: Baylor Scott and White).

Dr. Tiffany Berry, the Vice President and Chief Medical Officer of Baylor Scott & White Quality Alliance in Dallas has been named one of Modern Healthcare‘s 2018 Up and Comers.

The award recognizes young medical executives who have made significant contributions to healthcare administration, management or policy. During her time as Chief Medical Officer, Baylor controlled the blood pressure of 20,000 hypertension patients, gave chronic care management to 16,000 patients, and saved the network $78 million over six years.

Dr. Clifford Fullerton, president of Baylor Scott and White Quality Alliance, nominated Berry and has worked with her since Baylor merged with Scott and White in 2013.

Fullerton noted how Berry was able to quickly contribute to a complicated system, boiling down a healthcare system with 120 quality measures to focus on what is important. “She was very good at taking that down to something that is understandable and manageable,” Fullerton says.

“I didn’t know what she would be able to absorb and what she would be able to do, and I was pleased to see her ability to take on more tasks and manage large processes with large numbers of people,” he added.

Berry is focused on controlling costs. “Every single thing that your pen writes has a lot of dollars associated with it,” she told Modern Healthcare. “I needed to understand that the dollars I was spending really belonged to other people.”

“Her knowledge of appropriate care and ability, knowing where appropriate and inappropriate care are being done and coming up with processes” have all been beneficial to controlling costs, Fullerton says. “She’s funny too,” he added.

Baylor Scott and White Quality Alliance is its clinically integrated network that serves as their accountable care organization, with more than 6,000 physicians, 60 hospitals, and 650,000 covered lives.

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