Survey: Physician Morale In Texas Is Among the Lowest In The U.S.

This week, Dallas-based Merritt Hawkins put out the results of the survey it conducted on behalf of The Physicians Foundation. The survey covers 8,774 physicians. One item that continues to stick out on these yearly reports: Physician morale here in Texas is exceptionally low. Just 36 percent of respondents in Texas said their professional morale is very or somewhat positive (the rest say it is very or somewhat negative). That ranks 45th in the U.S.

Here are the lowest 10 states for morale:

50. Alaska (23%)
49. Wyoming (23.1%)
48. New Mexico (30.7%)
47. Hawaii (34.9%)
46. North Carolina (35.3%)
45. Texas (36%)
44. Wisconsin (36.7%)
43. Rhode Island (37.5%)
42. Alabama (39.4%)
41. Idaho (39.4%)


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