Health Wildcatters Releases Its Fall 2018 Cohort, Announces Plans for A Spring Program

Six companies have kicked things off at Health Wildcatters as a part of the accelerator’s fall 2018 class.

It’s a little smaller group, as Health Wildcatters—which took on nine companies in fall 2017—pilots a new way of doing things that will include two smaller classes each year. The first spring program will start up in spring 2019.

“We’ve considered it for many years and now due to increasing demand we’ve decided to pilot running two programs a year favoring smaller class sizes in order to provide greater access and coaching to the teams,” Health Wildcatters CEO Dr. Hubert Zajicek said in a statement.

As for the fall class, the following companies started on Monday, according a release from the program:

• ClikRX- A solution to simplify the process of prescribing durable medical equipment by shifting the processes that are traditionally hand-written and transferred by fax to a digital platform.

• Halo Mountain- Addressing the clinical need and market opportunity to create an effective treatment for early stage Alzheimer’s disease.

• MycoDart- A diagnostic test for the early and rapid detection of clinically significant invasive fungal and Candida infections.

• Sentiv- A platform for non-profits to create exciting and engaging virtual fitness fundraising events that allows supporters to participate from their own pace and on their own time.

• Transforming fertility care into a comfortable, affordable and data-driven journey through an integrated platform that helps individuals and couples navigate their fertility journey from inception to conception.

• StingRay Therapeutics- An immuno-oncology company developing a medication for more effective cancer and infectious disease treatment.


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