Long-term Care

Have A Look At How Nursing Homes In DFW Are Performing With This Searchable Database

Healthcare is overrun with messy data, so I’m all for projects that pare it down, organize it, and spit it back at us in a way that’s easy to digest. That’s the case with a Kaiser Health News piece that dropped this week, pulling data from the markedly less-easy-to-use “Nursing Home Compare” tool from Medicare. The story is about how, after being released from a hospital to the care of a nursing home, one in five Medicare patients “boomerang” back to those hospitals within 30 days. Some nursing homes are better than others.

In the middle of the story, we get searchable data that includes every nursing home in the U.S., sliceable by state. You can also search by specific nursing home. Every facility’s rehospitalization and community discharge rates are included. If you’re curious about nursing homes you’ve come in contact with, it’s worth exploring at the link above.


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