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Medical City Healthcare Partners with Sarah Cannon

It seems that everyone has a connection to cancer. It doesn’t discriminate, no matter who you are or where you live. My connection is my own father, a gastroenterologist, who died when he was 52 and I was just 19. His cancer battle and his passing left an indelible impression that has helped shape the decisions I make as a healthcare executive committed to the care and improvement of human life. I’m very encouraged that cancer patients at Medical City Healthcare facilities have our lifesaving family of experts—and now, Sarah Cannon—on their side.

Who is Sarah Cannon?

Country music fans likely know the personality behind the name. Sarah Cannon was a television and radio entertainer, known worldwide for her Grand Ole Opry character “Minnie Pearl.” After receiving treatment for breast cancer in Nashville, she offered use of her name to promote cancer research and patient education with a vision of providing convenient access to early detection, clinical trials and a team approach to cancer care. Decades later, Sarah Cannon Cancer Institute provides all that—and hope—to hundreds of thousands of patients nationwide every day, a number unmatched by any other cancer center. Now, North Texas cancer patients will begin seeing the name and benefitting from Sarah Cannon Cancer Institute’s wealth of expertise.

What This Means for North Texas Patients

Medical City Healthcare’s partnership with Sarah Cannon provides access to a broad network of renowned experts, leading-edge therapies, innovative treatment, and centers of excellence in key disease areas. In North Texas, this relationship allows us to leverage that breadth and depth with the expertise of locally-trusted physicians to redefine how cancer care is delivered in the communities we serve.

Through Sarah Cannon, Medical City Healthcare is now part of one of the world’s largest drug development phase I programs with more than 3,000 patients enrolled in clinical trials annually. Additionally, Sarah Cannon has the largest patient access ER system to diagnose cancer at earlier stages, the largest cancer navigation program in the U.S. with more than 200 oncology-trained nurse navigators, and the largest blood cancer transplant network with more than 1,000 transplants each year.

I invite you to join me and learn more about Sarah Cannon Cancer Institute at Medical City Healthcare on Friday, April 13, 2018 at the Brad Paisley Weekend Warrior World Tour at The Pavilion at the Irving Music Factory. I sincerely hope your family never has a close cancer connection. But if it does, the Sarah Cannon Institute at Medical City Healthcare and our lifesaving family of experts are ready to fight alongside you.


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