Not Just Timberlawn: Report Finds Major Safety Incidents At Other DFW Psych Hospitals

Timberlawn isn’t the only psychiatric hospital to have seen major safety incidents over the last half decade, according to an investigation published Sunday by The Dallas Morning News.

The News dug into inspection records and lawsuits dating back to 2011. It reports that about half the psych hospitals in Dallas-Fort Worth have had a major safety incident during that timeframe, defining the parameters of that distinction with three main events: “a suicide or significant attempt; a report of unwanted sexual contact; or a serious physical attack.”

The story makes specific note of Millwood Hospital, in Arlington, and Sundance, which has locations in Arlington and Garland. Both have had repeated problems.

After a long string of patient-related safety issues, Timberlawn Behavioral Health System shut down voluntarily this month after the state of Texas threatened fines and to revoke the facility’s license.

Head here to read the DMN’s full report.


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