Eosera’s Earwax Product In 7,000 CVS Stores

Earwax MD (Courtesy of: Eosera)

Earwax MD, a product of Fort Worth-based Eosera Inc., a biotechnology startup specializing in ear care, is now in 7,000 CVS stores in the United States.

According to Eosera, Earwax MD is designed to dissolve earwax in 15 minutes to 30 minutes. It’s a topical drop that “works to break down earwax quickly and safely in the ear canal.” It’s reportedly been “safety-approved” by a dermatologist and is a “non-primary irritant and non-primary sensitizer” to skin.

Eosera believes earwax management is a constant challenge for ear, nose, and throat specialists who want a “quick and effective in-office solution” for patients that can also be recommended for at-home use. The company’s research says 18 million Americans go to doctors just for earwax extractions.

Joe Griffin, co-founder of Eosera and chief scientific officer, said Earwax MD can help patients as it’s the “first product on the market proven to dissolve earwax in 86 percent of patients within 15 to 30 minutes” and help with earwax impaction.

Elyse Dickerson, co-founder and CEO of Eosera, told D CEO Healthcare in a statement: “Gaining a direct-to-consumer retail channel is about providing immediate relief to the millions of Americans who are afflicted with ear wax impaction. Who wants to wait days for a treatment to arrive by mail? …”


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