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Merritt Hawkins Study Shows Physician Demand Outweighing Supply

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Irving-based Merritt Hawkins, a physician search firm, has released the findings of its survey of more than 900 doctors. It found that half of all the new doctors received 100 or more job inquiries during training, supporting the idea that demand for doctors is outpacing supply.

Survey data from 935 doctors in their final year of residency training showed the following trends: Seventy percent received 50 or more job solicitations (via phone call, email, or direct mail) during training, and 50 percent received 100 or more job solicitations. This is the highest percentage of medical residents reporting that many job offers since Merritt Hawkins began conducting studies in 1991.

Because data shows residents are receiving solicitations from everywhere in the U.S., the survey indicates there could be a problem for local graduate medicine schools aiming to retain physicians post-training, as more organizations show interest.

The Merritt Hawkins survey data is applicable to the North Texas healthcare market, according to UT Southwestern. It told D CEO Healthcare it believes that while residents may have an influx of solicitations nationwide, most medical residents tend to stay close to their last training site.

Dr. Bradley Marple, associate dean of graduate medical education at UT Southwestern, said: “Traditionally, residents tend to enter practice in locations within close geographic proximity to their last site of training. … In the case of UT Southwestern, greater than half of the residents graduating from training programs enter practices within the Dallas-Fort Worth area, while approximately 70 percent practice within the state of Texas.”