Green Park Marks Progress On $30 Million Startup Investment Fund

Green Park and Golf Ventures, a Dallas-based healthcare investment firm, says it has closed on a third of its $30 million follow-on investment fund. The new fund will select companies from the company’s portfolio of 40 healthcare seed and early-stage startups and increase its investment for those that are most promising.

According to GPG, this will allow the company to make investments in the best-suited companies in its pipeline– specifically, those that are “currently raising money to complete pivotal studies of safety and effectiveness.”

Investments will be with groups that have presented innovative products that are believed to positively impact the healthcare industry. Fifteen to 20 investments over the next four to five years will be made in healthcare devices, medical technology, therapeutics, and healthcare services.

Dr. Clay Heighten, founding partner of GPG, said the company has seen “very strong successes within our existing portfolio, and [is] eager to continue to expand and invest in our best performing healthcare startups.”

GPG anticipates the full follow-on fund will close by December.


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