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Bankruptcy Filings For Forest Park Dallas, Fort Worth Hospitals Lists All Creditors

On Wednesday, the two companies entered filings that list their outstanding creditors.

Bankruptcy proceedings are underway for the holding companies that own the real estate for Forest Park Medical Centers in both Fort Worth and Dallas. The companies filed for Chapter 11 on Monday evening, a day before they were set to be auctioned off in foreclosure sales.

The Fort Worth holding company defaulted on a $66.8 million construction loan that was awarded by California real estate investment trust Sabra. Dallas’ reneged on interest payments on a $110 million mortgage loan. So Sabra sent a notice of foreclosure. Head here for more details on that.

On Wednesday, the two companies entered filings that list their outstanding creditors. In Fort Worth, the bankruptcy judge issued a notice of deficiency. Among a few other technical things, they’re being ordered to provide a summary of assets and liabilities as well as a statement of financial affairs by December 14 or the case will be subject to dismissal. The Dallas case looks up to date, judging by the PACER court filings.

In Dallas, Sabra is the only listed creditor: They owe $83,966,494.47. Fort Worth has a few more. They’re listed below:

  • Neal Richards Group, LLC; for management fees; $498,063.22
  • USMD PPM, LLC; for debt related to the building lease; $136,702.89
  • Kurz Group, Inc.; for trade debts; $41,566.20
  • Emergency Medicine Physicians of Collin; for debt related to the building lease; $26,940.96
  • GDF Suez Energy Resources; for trade debts; $5,344.01
  • Holt Lunsford Commercial, Inc.; for trade debts; $2,500