‘Doc Fix’ Legislation Packages CHIP Renewal With Repeal Of Sustainable Growth Rate

Could 2015 be the year that Congress formally repeal Medicare’s sustainable growth rate formula?

Modern Healthcare reports that a proposal to do just that while expanding the Children’s Health Insurance Program for another two years is on the table. The would-be legislation will cost more than $200 billion, only $70 billion of which would be offset by spending cuts.

As the magazine reports: “Those spending reductions are anticipated to be split roughly evenly between cuts to providers and changes to benefits. The latter is expected to include increased cost-sharing for wealthier Medicare beneficiaries.”

Congress has until March 31 to avoid a 21.2 percent slice in Medicare payments to doctors who see beneficiaries. But, as has been the case for the last 18 sessions, lawmakers could continue to kick the can down the road by approving another temporary patch.

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