Study: Nursing Most Trusted Profession, Other Healthcare Posts Closely Follow

When it comes to honesty and ethical standards, nurses come out on top, according to an annual Gallup poll. Overall, healthcare workers received the highest honesty rankings in the poll’s history and took three of the top four spots.

The study asked participants to rank 22 professions based on honesty and ethical standards. This year, six medical professions were included in the poll.

Eighty-five percent of respondents gave nurses a “very high” rating. Nurses have held the No. 1 spot since the profession was added to the poll in 1999—aside from 2011, when firefighters received the highest honesty rating after 9/11.

Among other healthcare professions, pharmacists had a “very high” rating of 75 percent, followed by medical doctors (70 percent), psychiatrists (41 percent), chiropractors (38 percent), and HMO managers (12 percent).

Professions that ranked lowest for honesty and ethics were members of Congress (10 percent) and car salespeople at (8 percent).


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