AT&T: Top Five Healthcare IT Trends for 2013

Healthcare IT developments for 2013 will be driven by enhancing customer experiences through patient engagement, collaboration, and innovation, according to Dallas-based AT&T. The company released a report of pilot studies and products within its AT&T ForHealth practice area that align with the trends it sees:

1. A shift from stand-alone “unsponsored” apps to meaningful “sponsored” mHealth solutions supported and pushed by insurance companies, healthcare providers, employers, or other institutions will result in higher patient adoption and engagement.

2. Hospitals and other healthcare institutions including payers will begin to move more and more healthcare data into the cloud, with data analytics to better manage healthcare costs by finding and addressing patient needs earlier.

3. Remote patient monitoring will move from pilots to large-scale adoption as more hospitals adopt the accountable care organization model to reduce hospital readmission costs associated with chronic conditions.

4. Integrated mHealth applications will be created that can connect with other devices, apps and data for more holistic healthcare, where information is safely shared across platforms regardless of the vendor.

5. Upswing on telehealth to bridge the significant gap between physician resources and patient demand.

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