Four Ways Social Media Can Benefits Medical Practices

Social media may serve as a tool for business intelligence, customer service, and reporting for the medical profession, according to American Medical News.

  • Social media can allow physicians to learn what obstacles their patients face and what solutions they are comfortable with, according to the report done by PwC Health Research Institute and CSC’s Global Institute for Emerging Healthcare Practices. In addition, physicians may use it to advertise events such as screenings and track health trends.
  • Physicians can also increase customer service by responding quickly to complaints or any negative feedback via social media. Jessica Logan of UC San Diego Health Sciences claims this practice can make patients feel that customer service is taken seriously.
  • Also, social media can give physicians feedback on treatment practices and medications. This means feedback on not only the treatment itself, but side affects as well.
  • Finally, social media allows physicians to track their service in comparison to regional competition and learn from others’ mistakes, according to Logan.


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