Study: What Makes Patients Want to Come Back

Well-trained physicians, easy access to patients’ histories, and long appointments are more likely to leave patients feeling satisfied, according to an American Medical News report.

Harris Interactive Poll researchers surveyed 2,311 people, 84 percent of whom had visited a doctor’s office in the past 12 months. Of this group, 83 percent were satisfied or very satisfied, actually ranking highrt than satisfaction scores for restaurants and banks.

According to the same study, 97 percent of people rated a doctor’s knowledge, training, and expertise as important to create positive customer experience; 94 percent considered a physician being able to access a patient’s medical history as important or very important; and 95 percent in the Harris survey said time spent with the doctor is important or very important in being satisfied with the experience.

From the report:

Other surveys have suggested that consumers are less price-sensitive about health care than other industries but are more attuned to the service aspects. For example, a report on 6,000 consumers issued in July by PwC found that 69 percent said price was the No. 1 driver when considering leisure airline travel, but this was true for only 8 percent considering health care services. Forty-two percent said personal experience was the most important factor when choosing a doctor or hospital, but this was true for only 17% considering an airline ticket purchase.


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