American Cancer Society Selects Baylor Location for Hope Lodge

There is new hope for cancer patients who travel to Dallas for treatment, but have trouble finding long-term affordable housing.

The American Cancer Society and Baylor Health Care System are collaborating to build Hope Lodge Dallas. The facility will be located on 1.5 acres on the Baylor University Medical Center at Dallas campus. Hope Lodge Dallas will also serve as the regional headquarters for the American Cancer Society.

“Baylor and the American Cancer Society have an excellent, long-standing relationship,” said John McWhorter, president of Baylor Dallas. “With this new endeavor and collaborative relationship, our goals and vision for the future are in further alignment.”

Hope Lodge Dallas will provide free lodging and support for up to 50 patients and their families who travel more than 50 miles to any healthcare provider in Dallas for their cancer care and treatment. The facility will be built on an acre and a half of land donated by Baylor.

In 2011, Baylor had more than 6,000 patient encounters from cancer patients who traveled more than 50 miles for their care. Baylor T. Boone Pickens Cancer Hospital, located at 3535 Worth Street, opened in January and was named after its benefactor pledged to give $10 million. The 96-bed facility is adjacent to the Baylor Charles A. Sammons Cancer Center. The new hospital will feature all private rooms, many with ICU capabilities. The Sammons Center, which opened in March 2011, is the region’s largest cancer outpatient facility.

“Getting a diagnosis of cancer is frightening enough. When you compound the diagnosis with the often lengthy treatment plans, it can be overwhelming for patients and their families,” said Alan Miller, M.D., chief of oncology and medical director of the Sammons Center. “To have a Hope Lodge in the Dallas community can help alleviate some of those concerns for cancer patients.”

Although Baylor treats more cancer patients than any other hospital in North Texas, Dallas-Fort Worth is one of the largest U.S. metropolitan areas without a Hope Lodge. Hope Lodge Dallas will be the 33rd such facility in the country.



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