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Three Free Workouts I’m Streaming This Weekend

From a deep stretch class to a full-body sculpt session, here are my top picks and where to find them.
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We Yogis | Deep Stretch Class

I’ve been sitting on an unsupportive kitchen chair while working from home, and both my neck and my back are suffering. This class is my go-to remedy for soreness, so it’s the first thing on my weekend agenda. During these 30 minutes of guided stretching and breathing exercises, you won’t break a sweat, but your body will still thank you. Access the class playlist here.


Session Pilates | Arms and Shoulders Class

Session Pilates’s free classes are 30 minutes or less; each targets a specific area of the body. This quick, eight-minute class focuses on arms and shoulders. Instructor Ashley Hopson uses hand weights, though she notes that water bottles are good substitutes. Hopson’s eclectic playlist includes Dolly Parton, Ed Sheeran, and Travis Scott. Stream it on Spotify as you follow along.


Caulfield’s Dance Fitness | 20-Minute Sculpt Class

Cristin Caulfield has earned a loyal following because of her unmatched energy, and her new virtual workouts prove that she’s just as motivating from afar. This full-body sculpt class is nonstop action, from squats to ab exercises. (No shame if you press pause to catch your breath.) Caulfield uses hand weights and a resistance band, though the workout can be done equipment-free.

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