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Royal Blue Grocery Carries CBD Now

And they’re offering a little education on the buzzy oil’s health benefits.

Like a lot of people, I’ve become a little obsessed with CBD this summer, but I’m the first to admit that I don’t really know much about it. I can tell you the basics, like how it can help reduce anxiety, among a laundry list of other health benefits. I can tell you that it will not get you high (CBD and THC are two totally different cannabinoids).

I can also tell you that it’s not that easy to find in Dallas. You can pick up a few brands at Roots Juices, and there’s a store off Knox that stocks a ton of CBD in various forms (gummies, peanut butter, creams, and such). Of course, at that Knox store, all the products are kept behind locked glass doors, which doesn’t help diffuse the unnecessary stigma around CBD.

Fortunately for anyone else who doesn’t want to have to ask permission to buy CBD-infused gummy bears, cannabidiol has started permeating the more luxe corners of the wellness world (Gwyneth Paltrow, queen of high-end wellness, wholeheartedly approves). If you stop into Royal Blue Grocery in Highland Park village later this month, you’ll be able to find Mineral, one of the more beautifully packaged CBD brands on the market today.

Founded by Dallas-native Matthew Miller in 2016, Mineral is a full-spectrum cannabinoid oil that can be taken every day to reduce anxiety and inflammation. Their first product Robyn, which is what you’ll find on the Royal Blue shelves, features 12 different cannabinoids and 12 different terpenes, a blend that Miller believes sets Mineral apart from other CBD products. “What’s interesting about Robyn is the percentage of cannabinoids and how much we respect the hemp plant,” says Miller. “What you taste is truly pure, 100 percent full-spectrum cannabinoid.”

Miller will be making the Royal Blue rounds this weekend (Highland Park from 10am to 4pm on Saturday, and downtown from 10am to 3pm on Sunday), to offer a little education for the cannabis curious.

Being able to find CBD oil in at Highland Park Village (and the shelves of Forty Five Ten, which will begin carrying Mineral on September 20) should go a long way in demystifying the idea that buying cannibiniol needs to be a clandestine affair, and will hopefully help more Dallasites reap the oil’s long list of benefits. “We all as humans experience some form of inefficiency,” says Miller. “Truly, we’re just giving everyone an opportunity to achieve balance because, daily, we get out of balance. And it’s from the earth, and that’s very important.”