photo by Laura Wilson


Achieve Peak Dallas Wellness at Highland Park Village This Weekend

Free boutique fitness, Tata Harper facials, and lots of beauty brands are coming together. Oh, and juice. You can always count on juice.

What does peak wellness look like? I mean, the real answer is probably Gwyneth Paltrow in high-end athleisure simultaneously sipping kombucha and applying CBD cream mid-headstand or something. But in Dallas, far outside the realm of my wildest fitness fantasies, peak wellness has to be Highland Park Village’s Be(YOU)ty event this weekend.

It has all the things. So, so many things. On the fitness front, several great Dallas studios will be lending their instructors and equipment for complimentary classes in the shopping center (in a tent area between Celine and Balenciaga, to be exact). You can sign up here for classes by Session Pilates, Lync Cycling, Exhale, John Benton Model Fitness (I’ve been assured you do not have to be a model to attend), and more. Classes will be held from Friday afternoon to Sunday morning.

Several stores throughout the Village will be participating with beauty samples and such, including—of course—Goop, which will be offering flash Tata Harper facials post-workouts and “no make-up” applications for clean beauty junkies. Bandier and The Juice Bar, always dependable brands to be at a wellness-related event, will also have a presence at the tent.

Free boutique fitness is a gift. We suggest you book quickly.