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The 8 Most Impressive Videos from The Movement Standard

We could watch these guys do handstands and such all day.

Do you know about The Movement Standard? I didn’t, until I came across the studio on Instagram recently, and even then I was a little confused. Is it yoga? Is it contemporary dancing? Male gymnastics? Finally, our intrepid Holland Murphy paid a visit to the Old East Dallas space to get to the bottom of it.

Turns out, The Movement Standard is sort of all of the above, but mashed together into
“slow-burning, ever expanding program” that offers a more holistic program than today’s typical get-fit-quick approach. And though I have yet to work up the courage to attend a class (I’m a known skipper of headstands during yoga class), I have thoroughly enjoyed watching The Movement Standard team do handstand pushups, one-handed handstands, and other gravity-defying, feet-free activities. Here are a just a few choice videos that will get you hooked.


We’re going to kick this off with a simple and perfectly executed cartwheel-slash-handstand series to get us all warmed up.


Next, we have a flawless handstand pushup that’s executed so smoothly, it will make you look at your own biceps and cry.


Just a super casual way to drink water!


This is definitely way harder than it looks.

It's hard to pass up a good shawarma. #hanging

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Okay, this is not a video, clearly. But, dear readers, what in the name of all that is Dallas fitness is going on here? How did we get here? Someone, please explain.


Oh, you thought that first handstand was cool? Check out this one pulled off with just (claps) one (claps) hand (claps).


What are we back at the 1984 Olympics with Mitch Gaylord or something?


I’m inept.



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