Mavericks owner Mark Cuban.

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Mark Cuban Has Been Working Out a Lot Lately

And seemingly can’t resist a post-workout pic.

With the Dallas Mavericks under investigation and their regular season tank complete (hey, hey! 13.8 percent chance for the No.1 pick!), Mark Cuban may very well want to blow off some steam. And blow off steam he apparently did!

For a girl who doesn’t actually follow Mark Cuban on Instagram, the Mavs owner made pretty frequent appearances on my feed and Instagram stories last week. First, he popped up in an Instagram story by Rise Nation, after taking their newly introduced Level 2: The Climb. The team at Rise Nation highly recommends class goers take the Level 1 into to get used to the VersaClimber before proceeding to Level 2, and maybe Cuban did. But given that the first documentation of his affinity for cardio climbing places him squarely within the time frame for the 5:30 p.m. Level 2 with the excellent Mercedes Owens (plus, a coworker also saw Cuban there for the class), I think not! Cuban’s just throwing caution to the boutique fitness wind, I guess.

Cuban’s second appearance was also Rise Nation-centric, but it came in the form of a much more permanent Instagram repost by the Knox District studio from the man himself. There are a couple of things to note here. The first, is that — if we are to assume that he posted immediately after class — Cuban took the class on Saturday, which he means he could have taken Level 2 with Owens again. Her music choices are exceptional, so I get it! And secondly, any current opinions of the businessman aside, it’s kind of endearing how he accidentally screwed up Rise Nation’s wall of social media self promotion by taking a selfie. Such a dad move!

Then, last Tuesday, I was bombarded with posts (okay, two posts) of Cuban post-workout from both West Village and Class Studios, where he and Mavs forward Dwight Powell took a class with — you guessed it! — Mercedes Owens. Owens teaches spin at the newly opened West Village studio, so I guess it’s nice to know that Cuban mixes up his cardio game.

I guess the takeaway here is that Cuban works out publicly sometimes (and may have replaced the StairMaster with the VersaClimber). If for some reason you wanted to work out alongside him, you now have a pretty good sense of where you might find him. If nothing else, everyone will hopefully go experience the excellent instruction of Mercedes Owens now.


  • RompingWillyBilly

    Behold the reappearance of the celebrity billionaires! Since the advent of Earnest Hemingway, the philosophy of our American culture was supposed to advance. In the new script, minor actors would now be playing the part of the heavy hitters in modern society while the very best of the actors took on the true heroes that risked their lives. Indeed, the emphasis wasn’t to be placed on the fat, cigar chewing fellow chomping on a cigar as the rich owner of the bull fighting arena, but on the brave dressed-up fellow standing center stage out their on the front line facing the bull! This is why Earnest Hemingway is referred to as an existentialist. The point of government’s emphasis should now be placed on the happiness of mankind (Americans) in general and not on abstracts like on the changing face of glaciers, millions dying in the world wars to determine who will control the world’s market place, and so on.
    But God is not against flesh, blood, or celebrity billionaires just like He isn’t so naive as to place all the blame for evil on Adolph Hitler, Saddam Hussein, or even Caesar Nero. The collective predator hunting us today is a wayward king. He is very much like the common preacher today who stands at a podium telling the congregation what they want to hear so that they will fill up the passing money plates.

    • @zaccrain

      i admire your commitment to parceling out your manifesto very slowly in comments across our website and am collecting them to see if, when assembled, they begin to make any sort of sense. no luck so far, but maybe it’s like the third season of twin peaks and you can only see the real design in its finished state.

      • RompingWillyBilly

        Manifesto? That implies “becoming” or that I feel a need to do something. For example, if Marx felt happy with just “being,” Lenin chose more of a path of “becoming” or a process of ushering in a communist state much quicker by killing millions.
        The Greeks lived in an interesting state of two types of being. One state of being involved an earth that remained stationary while its four minerals of earth, water, air, and fire were all in a constant state of change. In contrast, the other state of being was a universe whose inward bodies never appeared to change while the universe as a whole rotated around a stationary earth. The universe was said to be a perfect Soul in form while each human being possessed a soul as well.
        That set up Socrates and his theory of recollection in the dialogue entitled Meno. He believed every human soul, like the perfect soul, once knew everything. It was during the trauma of their births that each soul forgot differing amounts. This is why one soul might be blessed to grow up as a king and another might be cursed to wander the streets as a wretch. This is why Socrates called himself a mid-wife philosopher. He desired to serve the soul in its quest to “recollect” lost knowledge.

      • RompingWillyBilly

        My minor in college was the philosophy of science. Here is my understanding after many years of suffering. Socrates (and Plato) was implying with the introduction of his inductive reasoning that the universe is an infinite open system. This meant that an infinite number of variables could be gathered by the researcher concerning any, in this case, interpretation. In contrast, Aristotle with the intro of his deductive reasoning believed the universe existed as a closed finite system.
        Aristotle was the one who was wrong. This didn’t mean his deductive reasoning was useless. What it did mean was that it wasn’t scientific. His ‘four causes’ became more the basis for modern science; minus the final cause that is; thanks to Spinoza; which is why science no longer asks why.
        So, I don’t have a weird manifesto to share. No, they use to call it an education.
        Trig is an example of inductive and deductive reasoning at work. On one side of a page are a lot of known variables that have been induced. Knowing these, a lot of unknown variables on the other side can be deduced! These two different types of reasonings aren’t opposites, but inverses. Deductive reasoning is very specific.

        • @zaccrain