The Color Run has more than 6 million alums worldwide. This bunch is from Australia. Courtney Rose


Get a Head Start on Saturday’s Color Run With This Discount Code

Readers, the Hero Tour believes in you.

If on-ear headphones or an impending sense of doom haven’t influenced your running habit, perhaps dousing that Lulu Lemon in colorful powder will do. (It “mostly comes out,” organizers promise.) The Color Run’s bright and smiley tradition did not begin with a 5K; the Holi festival, tied frequently to Hinduism, takes that honor, with its message of happiness, celebration of good’s triumph over evil, and liberal use of day-glo corn starch.

If you mean to get tie-dyed under The Color Run’s superhero theme for this year: knock $5 off the registration fee by entering the code DMAG when you close the deal.

The run begins Saturday (tomorrow!) at 6 a.m. at Fair Park. All the logistics are here.