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These Were the Best Fitness Instructors in Dallas Last Year

According to ClassPass.

I know it’s nearly the end of February, and that 2017 feels like ions and ions ago, but I just stumbled upon this list of instructors voted the best in their state by ClassPass users and it’s interesting. Interesting because this list identifies two top instructors in every ClassPass-using city around the world. Interesting because apparently Barry’s Bootcamp is on ClassPass in other cities. (Can we do that here?) Interesting because Melbourne has a studio called Core Candy and when you say it with an Australian accent it just sounds right.

The list is a cool litmus test of sorts not only to see which instructors are most loved, but what kind of studios are favored in other cities. Barre and yoga must be big in Portland, while spin is popular in Boston, Seattle, and Dallas, where the two instructors each come from a spin studio. (If you were curious, Core Candy is “a chic, New York-inspired boutique fitness studio offering body changing, core centric workouts in Barre, Pilates Springboard, HIIT [also known as Accelerate*] and Boxing HIIT.”)

And while Flywheel instructors reigned supreme in Boston and Seattle, Dallas’ two instructors, West Hardin and Roger Smith, both work at Texas-based ZYN22. There are even fun little bios for the duo that are worth the read.

Did they nail it? Feel free to share some of your other favorite instructors in the comments.


*Why? We don’t just call it HIIT for fun. It’s an acronym for high intensity interval training. Come on, Australia.