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Meet Dallas’ Busiest Instructor: Michele Morris

The fitness pro's classes kill at three of Dallas' hottest studios.

Wake up. Teach. Sleep. Repeat. This is Michele Morris’ daily routine as she bounces from studio to studio pursuing her passion as a fitness isntructor. Teaching as early as 6 am to evening hours, Morris balances her career between CycleBar, Session Pilates, and the newly opened Barry’s Bootcamp.

We sat down with her—in between classes of course—to find out what fuels her full agenda, both literally and figuratively. (Hint, you can find her favorite smoothie at The Fuel Bar in Barry’s Bootcamp.)


Teaching fitness classes is your full-time gig. How many hours each week do you pour into your career?
At least 50 hours a week.

Wow! That’s more than a lot of folks’ nine-to-five jobs.
17 hours for 17 classes a week. One to two hours planning each class, at least an hour before class preparing the studio, and about 30 minutes after class speaking with clients. When you include searching and putting together playlists, social media posts, preparing the studio for class, teaching and then following up with clients after, it’s a lot.

Morris at Cyclebar.

But you love it. What’s your favorite part?
It’s a hustle and a performance. The challenge of perfection start-to-finish is something I know is impossible, but keeps me working harder every class.

Back up a second. How did you get started with a career in fitness?
I started my fitness journey in college. After graduating with my degree in Exercise Science and Fitness Management, I got my personal training certification and moved to Dallas. Before training to become a cycle instructor, I was working for Lululemon, trying to immerse myself in the fitness culture. By taking different classes in the community, I got to know different instructors and their styles of teaching. Having the diversity of different classes and styles led me to the three best fitness studios in Dallas.

Morris teaching a class at Session Pilates.

Barry’s Bootcamp (HIIT), CycleBar (spin), and Session Pilates are three very different workouts. How do you transition (and quickly) between the three?

Luckily I’ve got good rhythm, so music and teaching comes naturally. Planning routines for three styles is challenging so I strive to keep things basic enough so everyone can follow, but also interesting and creative so the class flows.

You have students who follow you religiously to all three studios. But what advice would you offer to a new, apprehensive student?

Just show up. Someone else is feeling the exact same way. I can guarantee the second that class starts and the music comes on, everyone will start to move and you will let go.

When it’s your turn to be a student, what workout is your go-to?

I teach what and where I do because I fully believe in the workouts. I cycle when I feel like dancing and letting loose. I do Pilates when I’m in the mood to stretch and flow. Barry’s is for when I need to sweat and burn it out.

Morris at Barry’s Bootcamp new location in West Village.

How do you recharge after all your busy days?

The second I get home, I run a hot bath and soak with no music, phone or distractions. I try to relax my body and mind so that I can get a full night’s sleep to be fresh for the next morning. But not before I snuggle with my puppy on the couch.

Favorite healthy snack, and favorite splurge?

Healthy: Barry’s + Brunch or Açaí Berry smoothie from The Fuel Bar at Barry’s Bootcamp

Splurge: My go to for indulgence is always french fries. I am so bad about it but I crave them daily!

If we snooped through your gym bag RIGHT NOW, what would we find?

Kim K highlighter and contour kit (for when I need to freshen up my face between classes), extra sports bras and 1,000 hair ties.

You’re always styling in your workout wear. What are you go-to brands?

Lululemon, Koral Activewear and APL shoes from Bandier.

Any personal fitness goals for 2018?

Hit a 12.5 on the tread at Barry’s and DO MORE YOGA for sanity purposes.




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