Photo by Bret Redman

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This Dallas Marathon Finish Is the Perfect Monday Motivator

Behold the power of teamwork and a WFAA reporter shutting down a Twitter troll.

Sometimes, a simple gif of Ryan Gosling blowing a kiss to a kitten or Armie Hammer dancing offers enough assurance that life isn’t all that bad. But this Monday, we have something so much better than that, courtesy a heroic, heartwarming finish at the Dallas Marathon. When New Yorker Chandler Self begin collapsing just 2 ½ miles from the finish line, Greenhill School senior Ariana Luterman, who was running relays nearby, rushed to her side and repeatedly helped her to her feet until her final lunge to win the race.

(*Side note: WFAA reporter Chris Sadeghi shutting down a faceless Twitter troll who responded to him only adds to the feel-good factor.)

Self was announced as the female marathon winner and — together with Luterman — brought a tear to the eyes of several D Magazine employees today. Sorry, dancing Armie Hammer. We’ll save you for another day.